Old ClubhouseThe Old Clubhouse Pub has been the site of good times and warm welcomes since 1876 when it served as the original clubhouse of the Machrihanish Golf Club back in the days of Old Tom Morris. The atmosphere at The Old Clubhouse is one of a relaxed old-world style golf pub serving up full Scottish breakfast, delicious pub food, and gourmet dinner offerings before becoming the site of nightly revelry for locals and guests alike. The meticulously restored interior has been masterfully crafted to recreate the pub as it may have looked more than 100 years earlier. The cozy, well-appointed space offers a sense of history and times past as you gaze out the windows overlooking the historic 1st tee at Machrihanish, teetering on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. As regulars and visitors will attest, the pub food and drink here are truly some of the finest you will find.


Kintyre ClubThe Kintyre Club at The Ugadale Hotel, named for the eponymous local charitable organization begun in 1825, is a warm and inviting restaurant and pub in a private club setting, offering an appetizing menu of skillfully prepared dishes featuring the freshest locally-sourced ingredients. The pub offers friendly, prompt service and a world-class selection of local and regional malt whiskies, draughts beers, and fine wines from around the globe. The Kintyre Club is an elegant dining experience in a refined setting with a charming sense of history and grandeur. As a guest of The Village at Machrihanish Dunes, we welcome you to dine with us and the other members of The Kintyre Club during the course of your stay. After your dinner and a wee dram to cap things off, you’ll be quite sure that life cannot get any better than this.

Currently open for breakfast only.


A luxurious restaurant located right on the Campbeltown Harbour in the historic Royal Hotel. The Harbourview Grille transports guests back to the early days of The Royal, when Campbeltown was known as “the whisky capital of the world” featuring no less than 34 working distilleries along with a thriving fishing industry that had Campbeltown Harbour and The Royal Hotel bustling with businessmen, vacationers, and locals alike. The Harbourview has an atmosphere of relaxed elegance where guests can enjoy perfectly seared steaks, skillfully prepared seafood, and everything in between along with an impressive selection of fine wines, single malts, and draught beers.


A lively setting for a night out or a place to simply top off the evening with a nip and a bite. The Black Sheep Pub is located in The Royal Hotel and features indoor and outdoor seating along the waterfront. It serves as a welcome gathering place for Campbeltown residents and visitors – a great place to soak up local culture through food, drink, and general revelry.


The Golf House at Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club offers a respite to gather, refresh and relax right at the course itself. Enjoy snacks, homemade soups, and sandwiches as you rest up for that next nine, or meet up with friends before experiencing one of the top courses in the United Kingdom.