Your Own Scottish Cottage On the Coast.

Surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty, with all the grandeur of the Atlantic and the islands of the southern Hebrides right at your doorstep, the award-winning Ugadale Scottish holiday cottages offer you holiday accommodation that are literally without equal. Each two-bedroom, self-catering cottage is as comfortable as it is luxurious, with interiors graced by natural stone, hardwoods and wonderful touches that conjure up the coastal Scottish cottage at every turn.

A limited number of these splendid cottages are being offered to the public on a freehold shared ownership basis. unlike timeshare, freehold shared ownership is an equity-based form of ownership which gives you a valid, heritable title that is registered in the land register of Scotland. The title to your fraction is freehold and yours forever, which means that you can sell it, or pass it on to an heir, at any time you wish.

The fractions allow owners, family and friends to have full use of the cottage for their allotted weeks. alternately, through our affiliation with the registry collection, you may trade any or all of your allotment for visits to other registry properties around the world. Or, you may choose to direct the resort’s management company to place your unit into our cottage rental pool for you.

For cottage ownership information or to book a specially-priced discovery package for guests with an interest in cottage ownership, contact Kevin Lewis at +44 (0)1586 810 011, or via email at kevin@machdunes.com.