Machrihanish Dunes Wins Sustainability Award

Machrihanish Dunes has been recognised on a worldwide level by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) after winning their inaugural sustainability award. Machrihanish Dunes took home one of 14 awards handed out, which was ‘Sustainable Golf Course of the Year’ in recognition of its “outstanding and inspiring work as a minimal-impact golf course, in harmony with its natural environment.”


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Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club Named IAGTO Sustainability Award Winner

It was announced today that Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club in Machrihanish, Scotland has been named the recipient of the Outstanding Commitment to Sustainable Golf Award by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), in partnership with GEO (Golf Environmental Organization). This IAGTO Sustainability Award was given to Machrihanish Dunes in recognition of its “outstanding and inspiring work as a minimal-impact golf course, in harmony with its natural environment.”

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The Ugadale Dale Hotel wins ‘Best Hotel’ at Scottish Golf Tourism Awards

The Ugadale Hotel was recently awarded the honour of being named ‘Best Hotel’ in the 21 – 50 rooms category by Scottish Golf Tourism. Everyone here at Machrihanish Dunes is thrilled and extremely proud of  The Ugadale Hotel and all their hard work that went into winning this prestigious title.

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7 reasons why Campbeltown is back on the map

This week, travel writer Robing McKelvie for The Daily Record, takes a trip to the Argyll town of Cambeltown. Befallen to tougher times, Campbeltown was once the richest per capita town in all of Scotland. Since then, this beautiful town has seen quite the revival, and McKelvie’s reports why Campbeltown is back on the map!

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The Resort Lifestyle: Everything Money Can’t Buy

“Not too long ago, there was only “must have” for a new resort – golf. Now, the number of features and amenities almost considered mandatory continues to grow, while qualities such as authenticity, heritage and ties to the local culture are emerging as important characteristics. Golf still ranks near the top in desirable resort attributes, but it’s not the only game in town. Shooting, equestrian, paddle boarding, fishing and the arts are only a few options finding their way into the experience, along with a very different slant on food and wine.”

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Scotland course goes back to Bend architect’s roots

The Bulletin, an Oregon-based local newspaper, recently featured Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club in their October Sports section. The state of Oregon is where the noted Scottish golf course architect, David McLay Kidd, first made his mark on the world at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Kidd grew up in the area of Machrihanish, so this project was very personal to him.

In the article, Kidd explains the trials and tribulations he faced while creating this unique course nestled into the Kintyre Peninsula. Machrihanish Dunes was built on a Site of Specific Scientific Interest, meaning they needed the government’s consent to do the little earthmoving required to build the now Top-100 links course.

The article notes that, as a result of these unavoidable obstacles, Kidd’s design has more blind shots than even the most experienced golfers might be used to, along with some very long walks between holes.

The article goes on to note that, while the course, had a few spotty reviews at the beginning, “…time is a great healer. The course managers and the environmentalists have forged a new, more collaborative relationship, leading to extensive changes. Kidd’s father, Jimmy, a noted greenkeeper who has a house in the area, has overseen the building of several new greens, while fairways have been widened and the rough thinned. […] the Dunes is starting to mature in a way that a course built 100 years ago would, with its faults ironed out as they are revealed. ”


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The Scotsman – A Weekend at Mach Dunes

This week, Scotland’s national newspaper, The Scotsman, published a wonderful article about The Village at Machrihanish Dunes. The author, Kirsty Mcluckie, spent a weekend at Machrihanish Dunes, enjoying the golf course and raving about the pubs and restaurants. One correction worth noting is that flights run twice daily and not just twice a week as the article errantly stated. Kirsty also mentioned the laid back yet elegant atmosphere at the various dining facilities, noting that they can equally serve a casual, post-game drink, as well as a more refined, locally-sourced dinner.

The article also spoke fondly of the accommodations, praising the rooms for their Scottish touch while maintaining a simplistic modernity with up to date electronics and luxurious bathrooms. The Village and surrounding area was remarked for its natural beauty, making the trip perfect for couples and families alike. This is another wonderful article about Machrihanish dunes, coming on the heels of its honors at this year’s Scottish Golf Tourism Awards.

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Scottish Golf Tourism – Machrihanish Dunes Wins “Best Hotel” and “Best Catering” Awards

The Village at Machrihanish Dunes, was honoured to win not one but two coveted Scottish Golf Tourism Awards at Friday night’s 2015 Scottish Golf Tourism Awards held in St. Andrews.  These annual awards are voted on by the public and are designed to celebrate the hardest working, most accommodating and friendliest clubs in the sport’s home country. The awards are aimed at rewarding excellence in all aspects of golf tourism.

The Village at Machrihanish Dunes’ first award of the night came when The Ugadale Hotel won “Best Hotel” (21-50 Rooms).  According to SGT’s website, this award recognizes “great golfing traditions, a good links course, a golf-friendly staff and superior hotel facilities.”  The Ugadale Hotel is known as one of the finest hotels in all of Scotland and has earned four-stars from the Scottish Tourism Board, as well as annually receiving TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence.  In 2012, The Ugadale Hotel was honored by the Scottish Hotel Awards as Scotland’s “Golf Hotel of the Year”.

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GolfWorld – 72 Hours in Machrihanish

In a land made famous by Paul McCartney’s 1977 ballad lie three courses that make for one of golf’s most soulful links pilgrimages. Chris Bertram heads north.

It would be misleading to suggest there isn’t a little bit of effort required for this long-weekend golf break. If you want your trips to be easy, it probably isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you want character, soul and a sense of adventure, be assured that you will be reliving ‘The Machrihanish Trip’ with your friends for years to come.

Keep reading about Chris’ magical 72 hours of golf and relaxation in Machrihanish [click to view PDF].

Faraway Fairways – Machrihanish Dunes

Wild, raw, stunning. Just a few words used by Faraway Fairways to describe Machrihanish Dunes, a course they deem the closest in all of Scotland to how the game began. Even though it is a fairly young course, Machrihanish Dunes echoes the very origins of golf. The entire course was built around the landscape and, as a result, it’s constantly changing. Players must adapt to their surroundings as the first golfers would have done in order to tackle this challenging glimpse into the past.

Read why Faraway Fairways thinks this 2009 golf course is the closest you can get to 16th century Scottish golf.