Different Year, Same Old Story

I don’t know how many people said to me during April that they couldn’t ever remember it being as dry or windy. Well, I could, and I’m sure every other greenkeeper in Scotland could, too. The old saying that March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” is all too predictable, […]

The Longer You Leave It, the Harder It Gets

I would love to tell you that the reason why I haven’t updated this blog for a while is that I’ve been so busy out on the course, but the truth is I’ve just been a bit slack with it. Not to worry though, like the prodigal son, I’m back! So what have I got […]

This Weather Is All Over the Place…

…but that is just what we always get at this time of year on the west coast, as the vicious Atlantic low-pressure systems that can be accelerated by the jetstream repeatedly career into us head-on until they find themselves blocked by high pressures that sneakily creep in from Scandinavia. The tabloid press loves this time […]

Well, This is What We Get, Isn’t It…

…for having the audacity to enjoy several weeks of continual sunshine earlier in the year! Scotland’s weather has an unwavering knack of evening itself out, so I suppose it should come as no surprise to us that ever since the rain finally did come, it has resolutely refused to stop again. While the damp and […]

A Summer of Two Halves!

The last time I penned one of these updates was just after the weather had broken at the end of the longest dry spell I have seen during my tenure at Machrihanish Dunes. I think it has rained pretty much every day since! Although the changeable conditions we have seen over the last few weeks […]